Maker’s Mark Bourbon Whiskey

I decided a while back I wanted to start drinking hard liquor. I was talking to David about this last night while waiting for our table at Hampden’s Holy Frijoles!. We were out celebrating with them settling on their cute new home in Hampden. I wasn’t sure if he thought I was crazy or he just didn’t really take in what I was talking about. I am moving forward anyways!

So it seems everyone drinks beer and after that movie, wine was popular for many. And it seems that many people drink hard liquor, except me. I’ve never really had a favorite nor have I tried many. Occasionally I would drink a shot of Jim Beam in college when I got sick. Maybe it just cleared the lining of tobacco smoke goo going down my throat/lungs – I don’t know. But it sure felt better afterwards.

We have a pretty well-stocked liquor cabinet, so at the crack of 3 o’clock today, I decided to start my quest to find my “drink”. I started with a Devo glass filled with 4 standard ice-cubes and a shot of Loretto, Kentucky’s Maker’s Mark bourbon whiskey. I liked it. It was strong. Sorta syrupy with a hint of sweetness with a tangy aftertaste and a moderate burn down the drink chute. The aftertaste disappeared before my next sip. It’s wasn’t too bad. In fact, I sort of enjoyed it!

Tomorrow, I am planning on trying Jack Daniels. I am aiming for the same bat-time.

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  • Let’s just say that you’ve picked the right time to start.

    And I’ll stump for Jack, either straight-up or with your soft drink of choice.

  • Dewars. If you like espresso, I think you’ll dig scotch. I feel like they share certain elements. Of course one’s alcohol and the other is coffee. So in that regard, they’re totally different. Bottom line . . . try Dewars. Best blended scotch hands down.

  • yes, i applaud your timing, as well. 😉

  • I’ve been a Maker’s Mark drinker for some time — in fact, there’s a barrel in Kentucky with my name on it (and that of about thirty other people) — part of a promotion they had a while back. It’s excellent middle-brow bourbon and I keep coming back to it.

    Don’t care much for JD. Elijah Craig is another good mid-range bourbon — a little less smooth than Maker’s Mark, but sometimes that’s what you want. Woodford Reserve is on the more expensive side and a little too smooth for me. I’m currently working on a bottle of “Buffalo Trace,” which is very full-flavored and complex.

    Scotches almost always taste tinny and astringent to me.

  • If you like Makers, you ought to love Knob Creek. mmmm… drooling just thinking about the stuff. Bulleit will do in a pinch, too. Not bad, several notches better than JD or JB, imho.

  • Skip the Jack Daniels. Jack Daniels = Tennessee whiskey, not bourbon = suck. (I am heavily biased, as you well know.) Knob Creek’s a decent one, and I heartily second the Elijah Craig recommendation. Yum.

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