Things In The Now

  • David and Catherine finally settled on their house in Hampden. I helped them paint this weekend. Cath and I ventured to Home Depot to pick up a ladder and other various sundries. Strangely I think this was the first time we got to chat one on one without Em or David present. I think it solidified the fact that she and I are just as similar as David and Emily are.
  • We realized I had never watched Grease with Emily. We started it. But did not finish it.
  • Psychology Today tells us Why women who don’t use condoms feel happier.
  • The Cure’s Mixed Up is quite possibly my favorite record of theirs despite what the critics say.
  • We resolved a serious crack in the cosmic egg with a set of parents and how they were treating us in the quality of care we chose as informed consumers. IE. midwives with a birthing center. We’re back with everyone on board now.
  • Annette is coming down tomorrow to be our right-hand-man for the birth. We’re so excited. And we’re never going to know when Emily will need her Coke to get her through this. So it’s great she’ll be there for us.
  • Instead of Billy (Annette’s husband) giving me last minute advise about childbirth last night, he asked me about dSLR’s. 😉
  • Emily had acupuncture the other day to move the pregnancy along. The woman moved the baby’s hands away from it’s head so the head could move further in to place. And in turn Emily walks more fluidly as she evened out her hips which will also help move the pregnancy along.
  • I am still doing parineal massage with Emily. And we’ve just started to give her evening primrose, vaginally. Pitosin, my ass.
  • I still have a big question concerning one aspect of hospital births. I have yet to understand why doctors tell Mothers to stay off drugs for their pregnancy, then they go in to labor and they are put on an epidural for pain, prostaglandins for thinning the cervix and oxytocin or pitosin to help encourage contractions. Just to name a few. I am not judging, nor am I saying anything other than something here isn’t consistent with what the doctors say. And I can’t see how these drugs don’t affect the baby or the mother negatively when other drugs do.
  • So everything else is great. We’re totally still enjoying every moment of our last days of Emily being pregnant. And we’re ready for the new addition to our family!

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  • I think the idea with the drugs is they’ll interfere in the development of the baby, but at term there’s little development going on and the hospital is eager to get the baby out !now! no matter what.

    Personally, though, I don’t think they know much about much.

  • Awesome! That means I can get back to smoking opium between contractions. I’ve missed that.

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