This Baby Swing Ain’t No Simple Machine

Lily in the Baby Swing

I have to admit it. Typically I believe in simple machines. Especially when it comes to baby peripherals.

Emily and I made a conscious effort to not turn our house in to a mess of plastic baby crap. And we’ve done pretty well so far.

Until yesterday. Sort of.

It’s not bad. But it’s not something I ever thought we’d own. Mom got a plastic Fisher Price baby swing from a co-worker. Complete with a swing that swings by itself. Battery powered. Yes, my friends. No crank! It also displays an electric light show. No Pink Floyd. Only simple two-tone polyphonic ditties. Totally a Casiotone Nation going on. I sorta dig it. Totally my jam.

So yes, it’s tacky & plastic. No, it’s not simple. But it’s quiet, folds up, is not big and bulky and holy god, Lily likes to sleep like a log in it!

10 Responses to “This Baby Swing Ain’t No Simple Machine”

  • Model number and purchasing link, please.

  • What would be ill is if you sampled that two-tone Casio jam and threw a sick beat on top of it. Some of those baby-jam melodies are tailor-made for the club!

  • These things are awesome. Our kids weren’t into pacifiers, but put them in these swings and they’d instantly just chill out. The only other thing that really did that was TV, which we avoided as much as possible.

    Use the swing heavily now though, the one(s) we used really started losing their effectiveness / power once the kid got past 15 pounds or so. (They were Graco’s, I think, but same basic design.)

    If you’re into simple machines, check out the in-door bouncers (like this bad boy)

    Basically, it’s a rubber band with a seat. Kids love em, once they’re a little older.

    Rock on.

  • What you really need now is one of those little rockers that vibrates under baby’s behind…..those buggers are AWESOME!

  • we got a hand-me-down rocker just like that one. I use it all the time when I need to work on the computer, but want to keep the little one close by. the best part (aside from the fact that he loves it) is that I haven’t even bothered to put batteries in the thing yet. just nudge it every few minutes, and you’re good to go…

  • Get Baby Einstein despite it’s over-commericialness. Seriously, when I babysit my friends kids and watch this thing (as it facinates very small children for the entire DVD so I get some “adult” time) it like how being on acid has to be. Trippest stuff EVER. Beethoven, Bach and Mozart I’ve watched and actually slightly enjoyed/ been slightly fascinated (well the first time anyway).

  • and I can’t spell. 😉

  • Yeah, I think we’re going to avoid a lot of TV/DVD tools sans PBS. In fact we’ve talked about throwing our TV away all together. The TV we do watch is usually downloaded and viewed on our iMac.

    I also have heard good things about Baby Einstein. It’s just not our jam.

    And I know you weren’t insinuating this, but it sickens me watching those SUVs drive by on the highway where the kids are in the back seat occupied by the latest DVD.

  • Okay, I agree, there is no need for CONSTANT media entertainment in your gas guzzler SUV. Why do you think our “MTV generation” has no attention span? We expect to be entertained every minute. The way my parents and my friends’ parents were, if we whined that we were bored the answer was one of two things – weather dependent. Go outside or go read a book. I still read 4 or 5 books at a time – usually each of a different genre. So when my head hurts from sci fi, I can switch to a biography. Ah, again I digress. Damn ADD.

    I’m sure someday when we attempt to take a 15 hour road trip with 3 screaming under 10 year olds, we’ll have to debate this again. 😉

    Baby Einstein is classical MUSIC (music for babies = good! music for mat = good!) and the images are merely shots of other babies or baby toys. The trippy part is that they zoom WAY in on the toys and then WAY out while rotating the camera. And then a baby will just crawl across the screen. It’s odd. Kinda Laugh-In/Max Headroom-ish, without the crazy colors and backgrounds. You could easily make your own to your own set of tunes too – that’d be really cool! I don’t even own a video camera, but you are all hi-tech and all.

    I assume that fancy iMac can be used to view DVDs? Then who said you need a TV? My cousins threw theirs out years ago, I think I was 4 at the time, and their 5 offspring seem fine. Well, they are Ultra Orthodox Jews, but otherwise they are normal. They did have a radio however and listened to news or talk stuff on occasion.

    I’d burn a baby einstein for you but I’m (gasp) on PC – Dell and Toshiba. ‘cept for the iPod of course. Find it online, I’m sure you can download some/all of one to check it out.

    It never hurts to look – worst case scenario is you don’t dig it and then you are right where you are now, but at least you looked before you ruled it out. No harm, no foul. 🙂

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