The Goings On

Stuff Going On:

  • I assisted David in putting up some drywall in his office.
  • Went to Ohio for the 4th of July. Watched fireworks on HDTV. Wild and exciting.
  • Finished my DOT Grants for the year.
  • Had dinner at Sputnik. Finally met Reece. She looks remarkably like Dave.
  • Vacationed at the ‘rents house for a few days. Feetnik and Gordon visited.
  • Installed Dad a wireless network. It took minutes. I amazed myself at how easy it was.
  • Went to NYC for my cousin’s wedding shower. Or rather “babysat” Lily while Emily attended.
  • Started using iPhoto.
  • Deleted a bunch of photos with out backing them up. Lost them. Used data recovery software to recover. It was quite successful. At least with the memory cards where I didn’t reformat it in the camera. Mental note noted.
  • Blew up my online photo gallery. ModRewrite is still muffed up. 🙁 Help, Anyone. Please.
  • Nan came over for a few hours so we could clean the house. Otherwise it would have taken 12 days. I calculated it.
  • Upgraded from a full to queen size bed. We’re officially old now. Buying the house, getting married and having the kid didn’t really count.
  • Went to Eric and Erika’s wedding shower. Played with Annie. She’s amazing.
  • Acquired family insurance with little to no hitch.
  • Listened to Prince’s Planet Earth. Amazed at his marketing and distro plan. And enjoyed his return to the guitar.
  • That’s all folks.

5 Responses to “The Goings On”

  • Gallery looks okay. Is it that the friendly URLs are gone?

  • If the queen-size bed is the true indicator of old age, then I’ve had you beat for almost a year.

  • Thank you for putting “babysat” in quotes. Though it’s completely a semantic thing, I hate when parents (mostly dads) refer to caring for their own spawn as babysitting.
    Seems to imply “well, I wouldn’t normally be doing this, it’s really a special thing I’m doing, ya know, to help out and all.”
    If they’re someone else’s kids, you’re babysitting. If they’re your kids, you’re just looking after them.

    End of rant. 🙂

  • I’ve actually noticed more women use that phrase. And in a horrible condescending sexist way.

    But yeah, bingo. Nicely stated.

  • I call it midget duty.

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