Don’t Go Outside

Hell Has Flamed Over

If you haven’t already been outside. Don’t. It’s not worth it to anyone. If you are outside, run, don’t walk to your nearest entrance. And get it on. It says 102°F on the widget (that might be in Baltimore County) but my mercury says 98°F. And I am true to my heart.

Jesus Christ. It’s oppressive.

PS. New iMacs! WOO!

6 Responses to “Don’t Go Outside”

  • Whoa! My first OM e-mail update in AGES!

    Just read this on

    “Temperature hits 102 degrees at Reagan, breaking record by one degree.”

    In. Sane. And, while the point is clear, I’d recommend not running unless your life is more threatened by something behind you than it is by the air around you.

  • Global problem? I think so. It’s just going to get hotter by the year. Yuk…

  • God, how about those new iMacs?! I am hoping to find somebody that just bought a new iMac before the upgrade but NEEEDS the newest thing out and is willing to sell me his Intel Duo-Core 2 iMac for around $800… know anybody? ANYBODY?!?

  • The summer weather is one thing I don’t miss about the East Coast. Today in Oakland: high 69°. Stay cool.

  • Hi M&E&L&F,

    We’re thinking of buying an iMac. I’m sure we will be picking your brains shortly!


  • Accra Ghana, 82 degress F. And we are just a few degrees from the equator!

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