The Social Networking Cycle Begins, Again.

I know, I was a little late on this new phenomenon they call Facebook. I know, Feets, I sure can be stubborn. It’s not news, but it’s totally the new Myspace (now that’s it’s not all kookie college kids) which was totally the new Friendster. Poor Friendster. What a great idea. Is anyone still using Friendster? I sorta miss my 4 digit ID number I had on Friendster. Somehow I was an early adopter. And the lame-o bands on myspace. If you contact me, I will hurt you. I don’t listen to emo music. Get it through your head. Remember, I have no feelings. I am tuff. I listen to the likes of Hall & Oates. I’ll eat you, man.

8 Responses to “The Social Networking Cycle Begins, Again.”

  • I will not go to Myspace or Facebook. Livejournal was the last leap I made, and goddamn it, the only other place I’ll go (if I *have* to) is Journal Fen.

    I’m cranky, I’m 30, and I have a kid. I ain’t movin’. And I would like to point out that no greater blight to internet design asthetics has ever occured before Myspace except Geocities. The pages are ugly.

  • That’s funny, I think LiveJournal’s aesthetic is a blight.

    To each their own. Also, is LJ considered a social networking tool?

  • LJ is so ugly.. and yeah they had sorta social networky stuff in that you can @ post to your friends LJ’s.

    I keep hearing this facebook stuff.. but honestly I don’t really get into myspace anyways. Its too much.. i need something lighter if it were to keep my interest.

  • I saw Hall and Oates on Monday night. It was all I could have hoped for and more.

  • i’m seeing hall and oates on the 8th at the hollywood fucking bowl! i’m making t-shirts.

  • lol this is the funniest blog entry I’ve read all week!

  • myspace pages make my eyeballs bleed. I hate the fact that bands no longer bother to have websites with any kind of design to them too – instead they just throw some random crap up on myspace and call it a day.

    Hall & Oates was my first concert (still have a soft spot for their particular brand of soft cheese). In probably the 4th grade, a friend’s father got free tickets and took us to see them at the Convention Center. You have to check out the video for “She’s Gone” on youtube if – the production values floor me every time.

  • Has anyone tried Pownce yet? It is like a social network for people with social networks. It’s invite only right now but I’ve got a few if anybody wants to try it.

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