i never said i wanted you here

microscoping italian comet like substanceListening to: Turin Brakes.

Hi mat. hi all. we should have a get-together soon. my back is healed.

bellezza, desiderio ed il fiume del tiber- summer 1999

Dou know that if Vestal Virgins lost their virginity, they were buried alive? Yikes. How’s that for Abstinence Advocation?

Girls were chosen between age 6 & 11 to become vestals. They had to be of impeccable beauty and have 2 living parents. (My thing is this: granted, the life expectancy was much lower, but puberty’s still a bitch. Those 6 year olds had potential to become righteous hags. )

(it was super hot the day i saw the remains of the statues at the atrium, like 104 degrees or something, and so half the city had their shirts off. and when you’re in the Forum, you can look up to the street and see mostly nekkid girls flouncing about and it’s fun, because it’s HOT and like the vestals are still around. the flame’s still there too. It flickered but it never went out. I guess the city is safe for now. But maybe it’s just the fact that there is no wind in that city. not even along the river.)


Apologies for the lack of OM posting lately. Topics have been difficult to come by. life is dull but in a good way- the kind of dull way that makes you eat too much and plan summer vacations, think of good jokes and watch too much HBO, wear ugly flannel cowboy shirts and make soup for dinner. It�s a contented kind of dull.

lo shit accade

I do have some advice for the human race�stay the hell out of Harrisonburg, VA. Within the past 5 or 6 years, it�s become a haven for young murderers and hooligans. Hooligans, I tell you! A couple was shot to death in 1996 in an exes jealous rage, a part-time drowned in a lake and was found in a parking lot runoff, a student stabbed his sister to death and then burnt his house down over winter holidays, returning to school in January. A friend of mine in one of my classes was robbed at gunpoint. Now a sophomore down there has been arrested for plotting with friends to kill her father. A murder by sword, cult overtones.

(Also, I could tell the story of the party that was on the third floor of an apartment complex, where a bunch of geniuses cut the electricity to the building, and while everyone was in mass confusion because the lights had gone out, a few brilliant young men stormed into the apartment, grabbed thekeg, and threw it over thebalcony to their waiting pickup truck below. But that�s not sinister. Actually, that deserves a round of applause.)

I can tell you now, you can look at that school and see nothing but sunshine and giggles and unicorns prancing through meadows of wildflowers with sorority girls carrying baskets of kittens riding on their backs. People send their kids to school there because they want to avoid the crime of inner city colleges, like VCU in Richmond. Fuck that shit. None of those kids have been killed. Or gotten their kegs stolen in such a manner. At least, I don�t think. It�s tragedy, I tell you. A goddamn tragedy.

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  • dude, elle is back!

    back in black i hope

    rockit like herbie,


    i am back for today and tomorrow i hope….

    fucka’ MOVE TO VIRGINIZZLEAY! we need you. Besides, what kind of fucked up state is Maryland? it’s boundaries are all WEIRD.

    bye bye


  • no, dammit, move to bmore! apparently, it’s safer than virginia anyway.

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