Inside The Apple Of The Jew

Well, we survived yet another year of our family’s Apple Picking weekend, at our cousin’s apple orchard in NY.

It’s virtually a family reunion on my Dad’s side of the family – that we do pretty much every year. All the crazy, loud, obnoxious, opinionated, & mostly liberal Jews from New York all in one place make for awesome & loud conversation. This usually equates to drinking lots of beer, wine and whiskey, and arguing the semantics of things we really agree on in the end. And there’s some apple picking somewhere in there.

It’s completely exhausting at the end of the weekend, but we’re always wanting more of it. I am so happy we have such a wacked out family that all gets along for the most part.

And I still think one of the best parts, sans the conversation, is the breakfast feast we all make on Sunday. The fried apple pancakes Zack makes are the best. Topped with cocoa and sugar is stellar. Stellar.

Pictures are here, yo.

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