Give War A Chance

Today after seeing my fresh nephew and neice in Westminster we dropped by my mother-in-law and boyfriend’s place down the street. There were some “protesters” out with a sign that read: “Give War A Chance” – I am not shitting you. They were serious. I think. And they waved to cars driving by, like they were campaigning.

This is why I don’t live in the country. It’s pretty but the folk scare me out there.

PS. Have we also not given war a chance? If 5 years not enough maybe another 3,000 soldiers dead will be enough for you?

1 Response to “Give War A Chance”

  • No, five years is not enough because, you see, we have not been clapping hard enough. We haven’t fully committed to the war mentally and spiritually lining up behind the president and Supporting The Troops, which is why things are going so badly. It’s not, as you might think, strategic blunders or corporate defense-industry profiteering or wholesale corruption or incompetence borne of wishful thinking. No, none of that could possibly have any bearing on our success. But people *mentioning* profiteering, strategic blunders, etc… that creates bad evil vibes that sap the World’s Greatest Military of their morale and helps the enemy win.

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