Idiot’s Rule

Besides Summertime Rolls by Jane’s Addiction being the best song, ever, Trader Joe’s Chocolate Meringues are so incredibly awesome. Awesome, I tell you.

In case you forgot:

On the contrary we’re installing Windows (via Parallels) later tonight for Emily’s design work. This, my friend, is a scary moment. Sadly, it’s still a necessary evil in the world of design. Wish her luck and pray the Mac doesn’t die. I give it two weeks. Any bets?

PS. [11:38pm] She’s doing the install for XP and Firefox crashed. This is not looking good.
PPS. [11:58pm] Force quit #1. The install crashed. Go Windows!
PPS. [11:59pm] She’s trying the install again. But I am going to bed.
PPPS. [12:20pm] The first install actually worked, it just crashed at the end. After those first initial hiccups everything is functioning fine.

6 Responses to “Idiot’s Rule”

  • Yey! So do you have XP or Vista running on Parallels?

  • The is the third horror story (well, mild horror story) I’ve heard about installing XP within Parallels.

    At this point, I suspect Parallels is to blame. I routinely re-install Windows on a non-Mac (about once every 12-18 months) with no hiccups other than the need to download 85 Service Pack updates…

    Emulation is a hairy business.

    (Note: the above is not intended as a mac vs. PC comment and/or argument. 🙂

  • Why do you reinstall your OS yearly?

    And yes, let’s not start that futile argument.

  • Yearly OS install ends up refreshing a lot of my, ummm… less-than-legal registration codes, clears out a lot of the misc bloatware that I’m constantly installating and basically just keeps everything fresh. Big downside of windows app management is that the registry gets huge quick.

    Rebuilding is by no means required, but I’ve got it down to a 2 or 3 hour process, and speeds up the PC quite a bit. It’s like a shower for the computer.

  • Parallels rules. If you’re looking to test web stuff beyond static files in Windoze, make sure to install Apple’s Bonjour/Rendezvous in the Windows instance. That way, you can serve a web site on your Mac (e.g. http://mremily.local) and view it live with Windoze without having to muck with network settings on either side. This saved me a metric ton of grief.
    Rock on!

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