the bbs.

those were the days. (11k image)hi there. there is a place that you can go where everyone knows your name….mostly because you have to register to get there. it’s called the bbs. it’s a bulletin board where we can all go to meet and greet…express our most inner thoughts and desires….argue about how uncool andrew wk really is NOT, despite what our host says….and generally just have a good time. people come and go. and that’s fine. there are a handful of us who are there on a daily basis…and have been there for years. but in a discussion last night, mat and i said that we like to have more of you there more often. so here are some reasons to go there.

about a year and a half ago, the bbs was out of control. i spent many hours not doing any work just trying to keep up with all of the posts. it was wonderful. all of these diverse people coming together to argue and discuss and be kind and encourage and become emotional and make friends and just be. it was where i met some of you. and i do, on some level, feel that you are friends. now, this is the internet…and i know what that infers sometimes….but what you have to understand is that this is NOT just anywhere. this is not that plumber’s porn site you met jerry on. this is not that band’s website where you posted the third set from ’86 and that asshole told you that they didn’t play reignition as the closer. that prick. this is a place…that if you let it…can be like a family.

for instance…al. al can piss me off like no other. he knows how to push my buttons, and i can overreact to something he says, and then we get in a big argument about the stupidest shit. but that’s the thing. that’s how we are. and it’s great…..cause he’s like internet family. we’ll argue…but five minutes later everything’s fine. and we don’t have to get all mushy about it.

for instance…elle. elle doesn’t really come around that much anymore. and i miss her. elle was here before i was…and i will be constantly walking in her shadow. she is the girl you wish you knew. she is the epitome of rockosity. she is the girl i had my first internet crush on. and she ten times smarter and funnier than you could ever hope to be. sorry.

for instance…joey. a fellow philadelphian. we’ve never had that much in common….the like for more popular music….the wwf….and the simpsons. and yet, over the years, i have come to have a better tolerance of all of those things because of him. and that is why he is essential to the bbs.

we can all use more of this in our lives. these are people that you will not meet anywhere else. and these are just some of the people who are on the bbs. come meet us. brian…heidi…kevin…kat…allison…zac…and everyone else who have already discovered this little corner of the web. we’ll leave the light on.

ok…that was a little too cheesy/psa for my tastes…but the sentiment was correct. it’s really a cool place if you give it a chance. and much like sex with the elderly, you only get out what you put in…umm…wait…i meant….no! don’t leave…that’s not what i meant to say….really….ah, screw it….

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  • aw shucks (blushes)

  • "Come and knock on our door…we’ll be waiting for youuu!…."

    Yay for the OM BBS! [Daniel, this post made me feel all warm inside. Like cheese. Warm ghouda, maybe. Is that how you spell ghouda?]

  • double posts suck.

  • it’s ok….i undetstand….you got excited about my post. oh, and it’s gouda.

  • daniel’s right on the money here, and not just the analogy about sex with the elderly.

    i met daniel in "real life" before I knew what OM was, and am stoked that he invited me to come and check it out. if only in a small corner of the digital universe, posting here reminds me that it can be hard to meet new people, a vulnerable thing, especially when many of the bonds are clear and well-established. even so, i think you’re a great bunch, and i’ve tucked a little piece of OM into my bottomless bag of things that make me feel warm and happy…and think about it when i see things like 20-year-olds being quoted in Rolling Stone as saying that Steven Tyler is hot. or anything Prince anymore. because you get the joke, and sometimes laugh at it, and other times squeeze it til it bleeds, or pet it and tell it it’s gonna be okay.

    Dear OM: You’ve got charisma, Kid, and I’m over the moon to be here.

  • exactly! thank you…

  • still large and in charge. every once in a while, the nasty McMonster I like to call "the Real World" (PS, you must say that in a sing-songy cowboy voice) likes to find me a make me its dirty bitch. No fear, just because I’m quiet, I’m still lurking about, and I know everything about y’all. HA HA!

  • hugs for everybody!

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