Triple Ginger Snaps

I’ve been reacquainting myself with a bunch of old camp friends from the early 90s. I went to a music summer camp. Yes, I know. It was actually a great experience, music aside. It was sleep-away, so it really was just a hook-up fest. I tell you, Facebook is just the shit for this sort of thing. Sadly, when women marry, they change their name so it’s harder to find the females. But we’re making some headway. It’s just neat to see what every one has been up to the past 15+ years. I still vividly remember having a shower outside in the rain under the roof gutter while the sun was out. It was baptismic. I don’t think much music was learned those few years I was there, but I learned other life-skills I reckon. 

In other news, Lily has started to have real normal people-food poop as she’s starting to eat foods (as well as breast milk). She’s loving raisins, ginger, curry, barley, corn, bread, chicken and of course cookies. Even better is that she shows obvious signs when she needs to go and so she’s pooping on her pooper. I guess you can’t ever start too early. What’s amazing is that it’s natural for her to moan and squat when she’s constipated. It’s like human nature. Emily equates it to childbirth. I guess it’s sorta the same thing. Just a different hole and a helluva lot different smelling. Yay poop.

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