yeah he is a worthless prick, isnt he?

bucknergarcia (13k image)Friday after a long day at work. Correct that. Friday after a rather shitty day at work. In fact most of my days lately have been shitty at work. It’s not to say i dont have the best work environment every, i think the job is just wearing old on me. But luckily have like 5 extra days of comp time set up for winter. I will prolly have a 2-3 week vacation during the holidays. Enough about that… So after work I went out on a date with Emily. We went to some greek restaurant and it was yummy. Then we went to the Uptown Theatre (the best movie theatre ever) to see Red Dragon. It was good. Pretty creepy and not too gorey. The perfect mix. And Emily Watson was in it. Not sure what it is about her, but she is kinda sexy in that older woman kinda way. Yum. Then after we got back to my house after the movie Emily helped me finish packing my old drum kit that i sold on ebay. Nothing is more fun than cutting up magazines for packing. Except maying talking with people who are goth. Damn i really scored selling a few cymbals and my drum kit on ebay. More cashola than i ever expected. Good times. Good times man. Or good luck.

Saturday I had to go to work to check my email to get the address of where to mail the drums too. It’s kinda cool not having a computer cos it makes me to more productive things. But this time it was kinda a pain in my ass to have to drive out there. Not that it’s more than 15 minutes, it’s just time is money these days. Or something. So on my way back from work to get that address i was maybe 3 miles from my house and this asshole of a driver behind me was honking at me or something. It was a red light, so i said “What the fuck?!” in my head. I look in the rear view mirror and it’s a fucking fratboy car of a Grand Cherokee or soemthing like that. Ugh. My worst nightmare. This dude is prolly late to his parents house for lunch cos he was out all last night sucking off his other frat boys. Then the dude starts flicking me off. Then i knew it was just Daniel hidden behind his frat boy hat. Phew. I didnt have to rip shit up. So we get back to my place and pack the drums in his “car” to ship. We get it to the shipping place and actually shipped it to the dollar to what i (or the buyer) expected to pay. One box was 34 lbs at $36 and one box at 75 lbs at $63. And i told the buyer of the drums $110. So i guess i ended up spending $10 of my dollar to get this heavy bitch (perhaps the cunt’s new name. heavy bitch. perhaps that’s just too flattering. perhaps i spent 3 seconds too many on thinking about it.) out there. But i could care less cos i got more for this kit than i ever expected.

After shipping that crudola we picked up Emily and me and Daniel went to Tower and Emily went to the Container Store to look for stuff for our darkroom. I picked up a few CDs.
helmet – meantime (going back to high school)
bowie – ziggy stardust (double cd remaster deal)
buckner and garcia – pacman fever
trans am – extremixx
shudder to think – funeral at the movies/ten spot

Let’s take notice of this buckner and garcia CD. Notice the track titles: pacman fever, froggy’s lament, ode to a centipede, do the donky kong, hyperspace, the defender, mousetrap, goin’ berzerk. These guys are my new heros. It was so worth the $6. if you so desire.

We also stopped at Guitar Cetner to pick up a bass drum pedal for me and for a little lug to fix my older 3×13 snare. “Can you show me your good DW pedals” (this was kinda a test to the sales person i knew he would fail as there are no bad DW pedals.) – The dude retorts with “How about the Iron Cobra, it has blah blah blah blah.” I kinda tuned the sales person out and said, “How about the DW that i came in for” – Or something like that, i hate fucking sales people who dont know shit about shit. Who the fuck uses a toe stopper on a bass pedal anyways?!

Then the rest of Saturday was Silver Sessions, Wave 1. We did good stuff. I vocoded; Daniel rocked the kit. I played a little on the kit. Daniel rocked the synths a bit. It was rock. It was even indie. It was all of the above. Oh yeah, and Bo forgot to show up for practice. I guess next time we should invite him. More to come.

Sunday was errands day. Me and Emily went to Penn Camera to get more darkroom stuff. The Container Store to get other darkroom stuff mainly a table for the enlarger. Target to get just random shit and rechargable batteries. Then ate dinner (from Fresh Fields) while Emily watched tv and i had a temper tantrum and read. Temper tantrum on!

who sold this on our site? i don’t recall it coming into our promotions meeting like they’re supposed to if they’re sold locally…

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