vir sapit qui pauca loquitur

you mean you can be even more indie than superchunk?! - aseno (13k image)A � Age: mid 20s
B � Band: Velvet Underground
C – Choice Of Meat: vege-chicken / uncle meat (tie)
D – Dream Date: taking night pictures of a factory with the one i love
E – Excites You: dektol and audio in the upper frequencies
F – Favourite Food: nestle crunch bars
G – Greatest Gift: 3d lomo camera
H – Happiest Day Of Your Life: the day i figured out analog tape biasing
I – Internal conflicts: completely understanding “standing audio waves”
J – Jealous: i dont have time to be jealous
K – Kool Aid: only if there’s acid in it
L – Love: rhymes with wuv
M – Most Valuable Thing You Own: my roland juno 106 and my new kit
N – Name: mat
O – Outfit I Love: they are all like children, you cant have just one
P – Pizza Topping: sans cheese of course, pretty much anything except olives
Q – Question I want to ask: why are most people complete idiots?
R – Roots: ?uestlove
S – Sport to watch: i watch people sometimes at the Metro
T – TV show: charles in charge marathon last night! wu ha!
U – Unique habits: i forget things habitually, even after you just told me, cos i can.
V – View from the window: rockville. all of it. at least in the south direction.
W – Weather I Love: each has it’s own benefit and downfall
Y – Yesterday’s best meal: chicken noodle soup!
Z – Zodiac Sign: capricorny

Bob Dylan on Brian Wilson: “… Jesus, that ear. He should donate it to The Smithsonian.”

P.S. Thanks Abi.

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