we have biochemistry.

california. (24k image)my life is a funny thing. things always seem to even out. i can be extremely bipolar…..and it sometimes really gets to me. but i’ve gone through enough of it to know that things always turn around. one way or another….things work out. and i guess that’s something i’ve learned about life. for every piece of bad news comes something good. i believe in karma. i believe that if you are a good person….good things will happen to you. and it’s true.

when i was younger, i was very angry. not angry at anything in particular….i was a white middle class boy….there was nothing to rage against. so maybe that was it. i had nothing inherently bad in my life….besides a dysfunctional family…but who doesn’t. my life was extremely typical and mundane. and eventually it got to me. so i found all of these little things to become angry with. at one point, it really impacted my life and made me indepedent for the first time ever. not in the way i wanted it to….but it happened regardless. i learned from the mistake…..which was probably the first right move i made.

ever since then, i’ve been a different person. i still get angry….but not in the same way. i think i’m a good person. no, i know i am. almost to my detriment. but i am very happy with the person i have grown up to be. i am finally comfortable being that really weird guy people have always told i am. i embrace it. because i know i am not like them. and other people are generally idiots. i’ve met some that aren’t…and those are the people i share my life with. those are the people i talk to regularly. those are the good people who make me want to be a better person. they inspire me.

right now…i am so very happy. and i feel like all of that time spent working on the kind of person i’ve wanted to be has finally paid off. and someone else has seen that in me. and i’m not going to screw it up this time.

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