awapy:: who is ted nugent?

i love my lomo - lomostairs (20k image)buddy13: my favorite new christmas song…”my first christmas as a woman” by the vandals
mat.: mine right now is white christmas by the flaming lips
buddy13: i’m gonna play that!
mat.: for real?!
mat.: dude, that version is supah creepy!
buddy13: i know…but very cool
mat.: yeah, totally…i love the lips
buddy13: i’m also playing soul coughing!
mat.: suzy snowflake?
buddy13: yup
mat.: that’s my boy yuval singing the 2nd verse in hebrew!
mat.: what else you got?
buddy13: so much!
mat.: that’s awesome you are playing my two favorite bands…
buddy13: we try to please!
mat.: hehehe

In other news I am becoming an obsessed fan of Netflix. If you own a DVD player and you have half a brain you should check it out. Other than that, i’ve done little today. I had a great rehearsal with Daniel earlier today for Silver Sessions. We keep on having more and more cohesive rehearsals. Now we just need another bass player. Preferably one that plays an upright bass and synths. Laura and myself also ran around Gaithersburg looking for a Christmas tree. Standing as the tree topper is my Flaming Lips’ 7″ of White Christmas. And after that and everything i started my evite for my birthday bash in January. Black-tie optional. Blue flame. Oh, and I watched a few movies. Ghost World, again. Full Metal Jacket (you cant fuck with Kubrick), and Apocalypse Now (needed to see the bonus DVD scenes). I’m off to eat Chinese food (sans msg) and listen to some new music for a date with myself.

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