i am somewhere nice.

tuner/lower. (2k image)christmas is next week. umm….huh?! where has all the time gone? i’m serious. it was just last week that i was sweating my ass off moving all of my shit up four flights of stairs. and it was just the week prior to that that i got back from scotland. i can’t believe it’s the end of the year already. i suppose it’s a good thing….but i don’t know why everything has been such a blur.

i think this has been one of my better years. i’ve grown so much. but i didn’t realize any of it probably until november. once things started to settle down….i got to look back and see what i’ve done. and i was impressed. i managed to uproot myself and move to a new city. i haven’t gone insane….yet. i went back to school. i started dating again. i am in a band with my soul brother number one. and we’re starting a record label together. oh….and i left the country and saw my homeland. not too shabby.

and yet….why do i feel like i haven’t gotten very far? i dunno. probably because i’m my own worst critic. i don’t think i give myself enough credit. i usually only see what i haven’t done….or look at the things that i have done and only see the parts i could’ve done better. while this practice is good sometimes….it’s easy to overkill and get really down about it. so maybe that’s what i have to work on now. get over what i didn’t do….and realize that what i’m doing is good enough. and if it’s not…then just do it better and shut the fuck up.

leading to my resolution. i usually don’t make them…because i know i never stick to them. but this is the first one that seems worth the commitment. i vow to shut the fuck up in the new year and just get it done. the new year is coming with all of these wonderful things. mat will release his new album. the label will be up and running. silver sessions will be in full effect and playing gigs. i will finish school and find a new job that i actually like. and maybe i’ll find the grrl with whom to share all of this. now if all of these things come to fruition….it’ll be my finest year yet. and all before i turn 30. amazing. i never thought it was possible. i guess when you surround yourself with the right people…anything is possible.

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