skylight14:: your zip drive is broken

they're balls.  she's got big balls.  lomo_circle (9k image)Nothing is really new. I am totally getting ready for my 2 week vacation coming up. Work is great, but i am getting really burned out.

Lots of CHRISTmas parties are this week. I had my DC101 Christmas Party last nite. It was much swankier than last year. Too bad all the other DJs (namely Ben and Brian) are just not funny, and when they start trying to be funny they should really read the crowd and when a joke goes bad (or wasnt even from the begining), they should perhaps think to end it short and not go on all saturday-night-live-style. Oh well. It just makes me more funny. Cos it’s all about me. Me me me. It’s kinda weird, cos i see my self as a loner at work. But then i show up to this party of 6 radio stations and it seems i know a helluva lot more people than i previously thought. And my MILF even asked for my number. Which one? Times are good. The food was good and everyone is asking when me and Emily are getting married. Regardless of me not wanting to go to every party with their mom in NYC, she still is the best and she’s not in need of anti-psychotic medication. Gotta love that. And thursday is Emily’s father’s company’s party. How’s that for possessive?

daniel.: i’m so bored…..i think i’m going to start putting my butt on stuff other people touch often.
mat.: that’s a good idea
mat.: and xerox yer nuts too!
mat.: and then mail it to random people you’ve not talked to since high school
daniel.: make a couple copies….tape them together to make a circle….and put it in the fax machine….
mat.: that’s a great idea
mat.: my fax machine is lonely
daniel.: what’s your fax number?
mat.: 301-XXX-0236
mat.: u sending something now? yes!
daniel.: damn….the copier didn’t work….
daniel.: it’s really old…and i could get anything to show up….
daniel.: plus….one of the car wash guys walked in while i was up on a chair with my sack on the copier….
daniel.: we’re good friends now.

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