why is it goldfinger and not badfinger?

belinda carlisle was cool too . (10k image)I am not really much of a TV watcher. I mean I watch the occasional show every now and then. I do have half a brain and love the Simpsons, but i always found better things to do with my time – and it usually involved eating bagels. There were exceptions however. First there was Melrose Place. Not sure why I watched it. Perhaps it was the pot. Mike Doughty once said that everyone needed a soap opera. That always stayed in my mind. And now there is 24. Obsession. So since my roomate watches a helluva lot more TV than me and since we were looking in to getting a cable modem, we finally changed our cable service. Now we get the cable modem and all these new channels. And we got to cancel our 2nd phone line. Some of what is making it worth it to me are: IFC, The NASA Channel, VH1 Classic, MTV2, BET on Jazz, The Biography Channel, National Geographic, and two Sundance Channels. Oh yeah, and the standard 12 HBOs. So, damn! I might turn out to be quite the TV monster you never expected me to be. But then again I need to go take a shit.

Last night I was pretty bored. I mean there was shit to do, but I didnt want to move my ass. So i watched Glitter. You know, that Mariah Carey movie. I dont know what it was about it. It was just mesmorizing. It was so bad and predictable, but had this great soundtrack whenever they were in the clubs. And halfway thru the movie they were in some random nameless club in NY and they slice to a shot with a friggin’ LINN DRUM Machine. I know i know. It was incredible. I was just waiting for Apollonia to walk by. Wouldnt that be great. And yeah, Mariah totally has a lisp. It’s rather amusing.

“Hey, it’s great to meet you…….again,” said Jane Wiedlin.
“You dont know how incredible it is to meet you Jane,” said Mat.

Again? I did meet Ms. Wiedlin. But i never met her previously like she had thought. Perhaps she met me in my dreams. Wouldnt that be cool, just like the “Cool Places” video! Oh yeah, and in other good news, I did get my raise and bonus. It was as high as i expected, but it’s still something. Rock on with your badd self.

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