that’s like from willy wonka

rollins is cooler than you - rollings_arm (10k image)I havent really posted here in a while. I have just been to preoccupied with matters that will remain nameless for the time being. Good things are in store however.

Regardless, Saturday I played with Daniel for some Silver Sessions action. Saturday was the first day I played with only Daniel where I felt we could get the job done with just two of us. It was pretty damn good. A bassist who plays the double bass would be a bonus though. The down side was that I broke one of the inputs to the vocoder I built. Vicky the Vocoder is down until I get can get to the Shack to get a replacement 1/4″ mono input. After that was Emily’s party. It was very quaint and the cats were locked away so I was happy. I think I pee’d like 4 times in 2 hours. I used to have the bladder of a camel and now I have the bladder of a 40 year old woman who wears slouch socks.

Sunday Emily and myself designed the two rubber stamps are using for LSP. One stamp for the return address on mailers and one for the Copyright notice on the back of all our pictures. We also order raised business cards and finished up our logo. My extent of helping with the logo was saving it to the desktop as an eps file. It was mad fun, let me tell you. So after doing that for more than 3 hours (it should have taken 30 minutes, but the server who were ordering all the junx from was slower than molasses.) we noticed how late we were for picking up Daniel and Joe and meeting up with Zander and Zac in Baltimore. We went to some cool diner that also had Indian food on the menu right near Johns Hopkins. Our waitress reminded me of the mother of an old friend from middle school. She was really nice. So anyways. Dinner was rushed and we talked a little bit about the film we’re working with and putting peanut butter in the poop shoot to avoid the draft. After than fun stuff I shat out a few dozen 12″ singles for Zander and Zac to fight over. Hopefully there was something in there more respectable than Mariah Carey and the boobs that will most likely kill her of these days.

Then was Henry Rollins at Johns Hopkins. This is the 4th or 5th time i’ve seen him speak and of course the first time is usually always the best, but this time it was very timely, dealing with “the war”, loads of politics, Anna Nicole, Clear Channel, punk rock (the ramones, clash), soccer moms, the osbournes, and how fucked up America and Americans are. We (i use that word very loosely for me and my friends) are a fucking sad sardonic sitcom. Anyways, I dont understand why Rollins hasnt run for president. He would totally rock. And that fucking pledge of allegience would be quickly replaced with “Bonzo Goes to Bitburg.”


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