that’s the kind of stuff movies are made of!

bamm bamm bamm. (21k image)hi there. remember me? i’ve really been slacking on my writing duties here. i’ve had such a bad week. i think the job loss is finally catching up with me. on one hand….i’m really glad to be out. but on the other….it’s something that i’ve been involved with for almost four years. it’s the first job that i’ve had that was actually a career. i think i’ve grown up because of this job. it’s allowed me to do so many things. and now it’s coming to an end….and the good part is that it’s coming to an end. for all the good it’s done….it’s been just as bad. it’s shown what people can turn into if they don’t pay attention. time starts to go by quickly. you wake up one morning and you’re fifty five….and utterly miserable. i’m so glad that won’t happen to me.

my interview at the library was a complete waste of time. i wish i had the time to put into pursuing the job right now….but i don’t. i know i will at some point….the university’s not going anywhere. and it’s not the only library in baltimore. once i do find another job, i’ll be able to put in some time and make the contacts i need to make. maybe something will come from it. maybe not. once again….it’s another mystery that will have to wait for another day.

i really hate reality television. it’s horrible…and it insults everyone’s intelligence. but….for some reason….it sucks everyone in eventually. it happened to me. the other sunday….i was home alone. bored. and it appeared. high school reunion. ugh. it’s piss poor. and yet….i watched three episodes because they ran a marathon. and now i know who these people are. i know who’s zoomin’ who. and the strangest thing….it’s the class of 1992. that’s MY class. these people are my age. frightening. i was going to make this post a reunion of my own….and make up shit i think my old friends would be doing now. but that got to be a depressing thought. and that, too, may have to wait for another day.

and it’s funny how the smallest gestures can put a smile on your face. after such a bad week….reading a few words in an email on a thursday morning can make everything ok again.

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