[b] [g#m7] [f#sus] [e] [b] [g#m7] [f#sus]

Claire Danes - clairedanes150 (16k image)Five important details about you…
[x] i like ice cream
[x] i built a theremin
[x] brian eno is my leader
[x] cats make me snot
[x] i like to eat organic

Five details about your appearance right now…
[x] maroon button down (i have a job interview)
[x] black dm’s
[x] green bear necklace
[x] burly beard
[x] boxer shorts

Five things you did yesterday…
[x] didnt see god speed
[x] read newsweek
[x] ate at bagel city
[x] talked about getting grants
[x] talked to loo katz

Five memorable things you did in the last year…
[x] started silver sessions
[x] finished monsiii
[x] started a photography business
[x] had a quite sucessful party
[x] didnt die

Five favorite groups…(of course not including the givens like the Beatles, Gershwin, Dylan, Stones, Joni, etc)
[x] Tortoise
[x] Trans Am
[x] Brian Eno
[x] Flaming Lips
[x] Kraftwerk

Five favorite movies…
[x] 2001
[x] Apocolypse Now
[x] Purple Rain
[x] Spinal Tap
[x] Brain Candy

Five things that make you happy…
[x] drums
[x] Wayne Coyne / Nigel Tufnel
[x] playing music
[x] solar power
[x] emily

Five things that impress you…
[x] complete sentances
[x] great style
[x] those who listen to music
[x] those who can cook great
[x] firewire

Five things that dont impress you…
[x] inherent drama
[x] mp3
[x] bad hair
[x] anti-semites, racists, etc
[x] user interface

Five things you cant live without…
[x] family
[x] music
[x] cameras
[x] friends and gf
[x] a good osciliscope

Five things you’ll do when you complete this…
[x] q/a eitm.com
[x] eat lunch
[x] get solder at radio shack
[x] do print ad for 980
[x] general work things

Bonus points to those who can guess the song notated in the subject. Hint: It’s the chorus.

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