outside (11k image)another crazy weekend has come to an end. i don’t know how i got a life all of a sudden. well….that’s not true. i do. i just didn’t realize how busy i’d actually be. friday night….i went to the ottobar for the first time. joanna and i went to meet up with her friend matt…..two t’s….and his girlfriend victoria. they were super nice….and the jukebox at the ottobar is unreal. i played the pixies….dr octagon….the descendents….and parliament funkadelic all in one shot. i was incredibly happy. then joanna proceeded to kick my ass at ms pac man. i love that.

saturday was a little less hectic. i had planned on doing all of this running around during the day. but i got caught up doing laundry and burning some cds for my girl….the next thing i knew….it was too late to run out and do anything. so i went to the gym and then headed over to joanna’s place. we went to this thai restaurant in/near charles village with her friend amber and her boyfriend…..whose name i have forgotten because i’m a dope. i had such a good time. and it hit me while i was sitting there…..a month ago….i didn’t know any of these people. if you know me at all….this is an accomplishment. amber and her boy are very cool….and i hope i see them again soon. it’s nice to make some new friends.

sunday was another silver sessions session. we rocked so very hard…..and we were so happy with the results….we turned the recordings into mp3s for your convenience. you’re welcome. 🙂 by the time i got home…..i had acquired a horrible headache. joanna and i were planning on going outside to enjoy the beautiful day….but i couldn’t do anything but lay horizontal. so she came over to play nurse….well….she doesn’t have to “play”. she is one. so she took care of me and i fell asleep next to her while watching a rollins spoken word video. i don’t know what i’ve done to deserve this grrl. she’s incredibly wonderful.

oh….and yes, that is a silver sessions website. mat hooked it up this morning while avoiding some real work. i love that boy. he impresses me every day with the skills. he’s got the flava.

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