i’m the person who gets to decide, and not you

gw bush - the great cock smoker - bush_monica (11k image)Things done in the past few days:
* killer silver sessions’ sesions
* website for said entity
* learned how to properly roll film on hasselblad
* excess cellulose
* house hunted
* got chumped by daniel for dinner
* vh1 classics are still fucked
* woke up with a headache
* doing budgets (for personal, omr, etc)
* despised bush (buck fush)
* finally mailed off all but one valentine’s portraits
* had another great dinner with my rents/sister/her husband and emily’s rents

Things to come:
* deciding to accept a date for silver sessions @ the talking head
* perhaps find bassist for said organized musical group
* eat miso soup
* drink lots of water and pee
* do more house shopping
* learn more names of guys in trans am from joanna
* sleep
* pictures with princess buttercup
* wear sunglasses like corey
* play with daniel’s atari 2600
* go to va with laura to see the niece’s
* post more here
* bush makes fool of himself and resigns (ok, we can dream)
* sigur r�s, flaming lips, henry rollins, sea and cake, yo la tengo, portistatic, rick wakeman, skid row, jesus christ superstar, suzanne vega, etc.
* dream of working at the united states postal service

best place to meet women?
68.4% :: daniel’s bed
15.7% :: the world wide web
05.2% :: local bars
05.2% :: family reunions
05.2% :: a convent

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