anyone who’s down with the cheap trick…

iraq_plume (10k image)I am sitting here at work with the TV tuned to MSNBC watching a war happen/begin or whatever you want to believe. It’s quite obsurd that I can literally watch a war on TV. It’s like Full Metal Jacket, but this shit is real and now and happening. It almost makes me sick to the stomach. To the networks, it’s ratings. And to a lot of people outside of NYC and DC it’s almost not real. To the kid Bush it’s finishing his father’s dirty work. To me it’s just a wanker president with his cock in his hands. And you, me, and all the legal tax paying citizens of this great nation are paying for this mess. In more ways than one. Remember those “Bo Knows…” t-shirts? Kid Bush needs one. “Bush Knows Foreign Policy” – And why cant our government admit they didnt kill Saddam?

In more productive and positive news Silver Sessions have been kicking butt lately. We already have one gig scheduled and are deciding on doing another show a few weeks prior to the already set up gig. Unless we’re all dead. We have stickers being manufactured as we speak and 1″ buttons will be made this weekend. The website is live. The record label site is almost complete as well. Emily went to San Francisco to meet with Mark to talk about the artwork for the 7″ series. Things have been quite productive this week. I like this kind of movement.

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