first the fat boys break up. now this…

go see amazon women on the moon - cos david will make you pee your pants he's so damn funny - if that wont do it for you - there are mad boobies in there too - davidallengrier (8k image)Things I did this weekend:
-went to anthropologie
-went to penn camera
-both with the bestest gf ever
-read keh
-fixed event�s – cos i care
-visited betsy in takoma park
-drooled over the random hammond b3
-yeah, it was just sitting in her garage, unused
-saved myself $500 in taxes with scott
-set up the direct deposit
-finished schedule c and personal property
-contemplating money markets
-still enjoying the future of my roth funds
-went to baltimore to look at another house
-really liked this one
-it even had a hardcore darkroom built in
-yes, this house comes with a darkroom
-the enlarger does up to 16×20 color
-it’s in a great location as well, fells point
-freshfields, the soundgarden, and a corner bar in walking distance
-3 days in baltimore
-2 days in dc
-sounds like a good thing to me
-dinner at yuan fu’s with the couples
-daniel and joanne being the other
-got call from jackie at borders
-the plan to hit louisville this summer is set
-jackie had her 6 monthiversary with her boy, matt
-i bought frank zappa’s autobiography
-read the the book “jews that rock”
-emily brought the movie back, cos she loves me
-emily will be on the radio tomorrow morning
-the silver sessions tomorrow – big time

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