emptyicebox: do not fuck fruit

mean mr mustard vs. yo la tengo - yolatengo_blur (16k image)Things…

-met with movie producer last night
-he liked our proofs
-we did this at cosi in dupont cir.
-i got soup
-so did emily
-we were mad relieved
-took metro home
-got crooned by a rather drunk black man
-he was trying to sing marvin gaye
-it was really kinda sad
-his zipper kept sliding down
-fucking gravity
-poor man
-he asked for my number
-emily and i were in bed before midnight
-woke up early and got a po box
-went to the ‘rents place
-went to the bank to get a better interest rate
-had a killer good silver sessions
-went to sears to find clothing with daniel
-left the mall rather unhappy with lack of purchases
-went to guitar center
-it was closes, those rat bastards
-hit fresh fields up for some salads
-came home to put my home audio back in the boxes
-i am so ready to move
-i got room to move
-one week until we tear sputnik up

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