all i tried to do was open the howie d pictures

i swallowYesterday was a pretty tame day. Brea came over midday to do my nude shoot. It actually didnt even turn really nude. I only got shots of my ribcage/chest with dead bees and my hair that she cut off my head and shots of my back with sugar and bees and bindings. It was pretty tame and pretty close up to even know what is going on. She even put makeup on me to emulate bruising. It was pretty cool. I love when friends and/or friends of friends are doing projects outside of school and i can be involved. Especially ones that are really vague and you have little idea what it will turn out like. So even our chit chat was pretty cool. Emily was there as well working on her portfolio on the computer so she would keep the conversation going with Brea. The conversation went to DJs at one point and me and Brea bonded over our agreement on the status of modern DJ’s and their need to not exist with their ego’s and lack of doing something interesting. Bah. But that topic is quite played out. Brea also does like good music and we’ll be doing a CD swap very soon. I have the Velvet Underground she wants and she has the David Bowie i want. Yum! I love me some Bowie! Ok, i dont want to fuck her. But i do think she’s good looking and all and has relatively good taste in music which seems to be a commodity hard to find in girls these days. Whatever.

brea brea brea

After she left, me and Emily ordered chinese food and watched TV like a very normal couple. We watched ER. We watched Boston Public. Yet no one had a New England accent. What the fuck? ER wasnt so bad. But everything on TV is so sad. Except Drew Carey. I like him. And Frasier is cool too. Dude we watched too much TV. It was nice though. I could get used to it. I bet it scares Emily to death. Maybe that was why she was all hyper active and what not. She’s still cute as a button. I love it.

Things to consider:

-Stealing frogs from co-workers is wrong and mean
-Dark chocolate can ease anyone out of depression
-Hostess cupcakes at 9am in the morning sound like a good idea
-They however are not
-Prince is coming to DC, not once, but twice
-I talked to Buddy today about getting tickets
-He didnt even know about it
-I am more excited than you could ever imagine
-The smell of vagina in the morning is a good and healthy thing
-I need a raise
-I deserve a raise
-I like me some Britney Spears
-My profile at work broke this morning
-Melisa fixed it yet again and we made fun of Candians
-Laura is Canadian and didnt find much humour in it
-We have a new secretary
-Her name is Hannah and she’s cute and smiles a lot
-Wanna buy a monkey?

I am already registered for Loyal Listener, etc., but when I go to log in to the site, it automatically directs me to a registration form that I have already filled out. What should I do? Thanks.

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