yes, but she’s still bitch…

philip glass (9k image)I‘ve been here at work today for a few hours. Ok. Fine. For 90 minutes. Usually I am pretty bombarded with IMs. Old Soul Coughing fans seem to always come out of the woodwork. Or people sending messages about “wet young girls” on MSN. Or Daniel IMing me URLs for ebay items concerning Circuit Bent keyboards. Or Nelissa talking about who is annoying her that day. Or Colin asking me to change a pixel color in a graphic from 2 months ago. So, today I had been wondering why I wasnt getting any IMs. I was wondering how I was actually getting some decent work done for those god-forsaken small market websites and even some stuff for DC101. Then I realized my trillian client was turned off. I am so smoking the crack pipe today. That or my job is really just turned in to a complete joke.

In other news I saw a family of adorable geese today strolling down the Rockville Pike at a Shell Station trying to cross the street. I should have taken a picture and bought a billboard from Clear Channel. It would read, “This is what happens when Bush’s oil doesnt spill in our oceans.” Hell, I might even get a 0.01% discount for being a proud employee. Wouldn’t it be swell?

Quote of the day: “Just like her nipple was yesterday.” As Tim is just saying on the phone.

Last night me and Daniel had a really good practice. Everything totally molded really well. I worked some dope ass samples from Philip Glass as well. And Daniel finally started syncing the Linn Drum up to everything. Fucking bold it is. So if you are around in the Baltimore area on June 11th, come out to the Talking Head.

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