i deserve it. (7k image)so what do you do when you fall in love with someone who is 700 miles away? well…..you spend a lot of time on the phone. you spend money on plane tickets. you begin to want every day to go by so fast until you see that person again. you wonder what they’re doing while you are doing other things. you begin to think irrationally…..like dropping everything you’re doing to be with that person. you listen to music…..and every song is now about that person. you watch television…..and every scene relates to that person. everything becomes about them. and then you realize that there’s no difference. love is love no matter how far away you are.

the only difference i’ve seen is that every time she and i are together…..i’m thankful. i don’t see her every day…..so when i am with her…..i wonder what it would be like to wake up to her every morning. or to come home to her after a long day at work. or to go grocery shopping with her. or to do any of the mundane things everyone does…..but to do them with her. i don’t know what that’s like with her. so it’s all of these small and normally insignificant things i want to do with her…..and those things are now significant. and i want every day with her. a weekend isn’t enough. two weekends out of the month aren’t enough. and driving her to the airport after a weekend together…..and kissing her goodbye…..and then walking away……is heartbreaking. it’s never been like this before.

and after a day…..i adjust. and i accept that things are going to be like this for a little while. and i know that it’s worth the wait. she’s the most beautiful….intelligent…..caring person i’ve ever met. she gets all of my craziness…..and accepts it…..and embraces it. she makes everything better for me. and i feel like i have this new light in me…..and it’s a gift. and i start sounding like broken record…..all i can do is talk about her. and i don’t even care. i love you, jessica.

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