abolish all national armys. we need militias.

tropics (8k image)I do find it a little humorous that the French government is changing a word they believe to be an American word. I never realized that “email” was an american technology. Last I heard email was everywhere. If this is their backlash at our government wanting to get rid of the word french fries (another story on it’s own), I will laugh even harder. Fucking grow up people.

Current Clothes: gap jeans, trans am tshirt, sweatband on left arm
Current Mood: lethargic
Current Music: 4 out of 5 by Soul Coughing
Current Taste: i’m a crest kid
Current Hair: it is what it is, big at times
Current Annoyance: being at work
Current Smell: office carpet
Current thing I ought to be doing: driving home
Current Desktop Picture: the moon
Current Screen Saver: SETI@home
Current Favorite Group: not today
Current Book you’re reading: slamdek a to z. by. k. ritcher (the history of louisville’s slamdek record company)
Current CD in CD Player: can (live)
Current DVD in player: documentary on coke
Current Color Of Toenails: toenail color
Current Refreshment: water is in the cup
Current Worry: why my left buttock is falling asleep

You Touched: emily?
You Talked to: phone?
You Hugged: i dont hug, you pansy.
You Instant messaged: Feetnik
You Yelled At: my computer
You Kissed: Emily

[ Food ] ice cream
[ Drink ] fresh fields chocolate soy milk
[ Color ] green or silver
[ Album ] like on vinyl?
[ Shoes ] yellow puma
[ Candy ] whachamacalits
[ Animal ] weimeraner
[ TV Show ] my so called life or melrose place
[ Movie ] 2001 or spinal tap
[ Dance ] dancing is for pansies
[ Song ] this land is your land by woody guthrie
[ Vegetable ] corn
[ Fruit ] honeydew/mango
[ Cartoon ] the simpsons

[ Understanding ] arent you?
[ Open-minded ] as open as you are
[ Arrogant ] of course
[ Insecure ] not often
[ Interesting ] give me $100 and i’ll tell you
[ Random ] i like to build streams with a grain of salt
[ Hungry ] not really
[ Friendly ] typically
[ Smart ] depends
[ Moody ] of course
[ Childish ] not often
[ Independent ] diy man
[ Hard working ] always
[ Organized ] sometimes
[ Healthy ] on occasion
[ Emotionally Stable ] quite
[ Shy ] typically
[ Difficult ] of course
[ Attractive ] to whom?
[ Bored Easily ] especially at work
[ Messy ] sometimes
[ Thirsty ] the quest for clear pee is on
[ Responsible ] for the most part
[ Obsessed ] at times
[ Angry ] rarely
[ Sad ] rarely
[ Happy ] wouldnt you be?
[ Hyper ] not since i started playing drums
[ Trusting ] not really
[ Talkative ] what do you wanna talk about?
[ Legal ] i know about copyright law

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69.2% :: vlassic
30.7% :: claussen

6 Responses to “abolish all national armys. we need militias.”

  • huh what was this about.. i got distracted by the title picture

  • what was what about?

  • i don’t know i’m confused hehehe

  • E-Mail is American considering the R&D for the Internet was done entirely in the United States. The French have language police who find stupid reasons to remove words from their national dictionary.

  • sure, 10 years ago…

    but it’s hardly an american entity now…

    however, i do appreciate the idea of how the french are trying to retain their own language.

    this aspect of doing so, is counter productive.

  • This isn’t Backlash; the French Government has been doing this kind of thing for years — finding more "french" words for americanisms that creep in. They’re trying to "protect the purity of the language." As I understand it, most French people ignore this department and continue to use the Americanisms.

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