we need serious music with tripping balls

i dream in tron - tron150 (6k image)Stuff going on.

– Last weekend we hosted some friends of a friend of mine from old old college. They were completely rocking cool and were in town for the protests. Keeno and Scott. Not Neeko. They make silk screened tshirts and sold them at protests and boutiques. Very cool people and we’re so glad we got to hook up. They even left us a few tshirts. Oh yeah, and their tshirts are numbered. It’s like high end punk tshirts, with a great message. It’s crazy how everyone I meet who also went to University of Hartford totally turned out normal and we totally get along.

– Zander came over the other day to start messing with sounds in Skylab. We’re primarily working with the drum sounds and listening to his ideas he’s already pushed to tape (or hard disk in his case). So in the near future we’re planning on getting his drums layed down and we’ll mix the record. Since I am sometimes a bit of a perfectionist, we’ll see how it works out before Zander strangles me and my, “yeah, let’s try that again…”

– Later this week Gordon is coming over to start putzing around music-style and what not. He has a DX7. Ever since The Joshua Tree came out I have been obsessed with this synth. It was also the first FM synthesis based keyboard. I await his buttons. I mean it’s.

– Other than that, I have been getting obsessed with Craig’s List DC. And it’s amazing the response you can get from one single ad with a link or two. Amazing.

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