i am not alone in my sanctuary

shameless (4k image)I dont know when I started talking about poop so much. And I dont really, but instead of “How’s the weather?” It is “How was your poop today?” At least with a few choice closer friends. I dont give a shit about the weather. I know how it is outside, I got weather.com, but I dont know about your poop for the day, cos no one ever talks about it! It’s not like i have a scatalogical fetish. It’s completely not like that. I think I just enjoy talking about it. Plus I used to have really bad poops when I wasnt eating right. Then I changed a few things in my diet and starting drinking 4 times as much water as i drank before (yeah, i had maybe 8 ounces of water a day) and voila, my poops were much more solid and “regular” as they say. Amazing. Consider it a quasi poop pride. (That’s QPP, for short)

So as silly and funny as this site really is, it’s pretty damn interesting. So go all out today. Check out http://www.poopreport.com and then go hang with a friend and talk about your poops. It wont hurt anybody and you might even learn something. Girls can do it too, cos we all know you poop like mofo’s just like the dudes. Office Pooping is my favorite. Classic.

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  • I only talked to one boyfriend about poo, and it seemed to freak him out. So I tend not to share the information anymore. I think it was another sign of his uptightness. I want a man I can talk shit with, and not have it be a big deal…not that it would be a frequent topic of conversation, just that it shouldn’t be out of bounds, either.

    your sister in lactose intolerance,


  • exactly…if you cant talk poo, it wasnt meant to be.

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