the new and illicit hickey underworld

astro_denmark (7k image)Things going on:

-Put up Xmas lights on the house
-Bought Xmas tree in Silver Spring
-Put up bubble lights on tree
-Had Turkey Day dinner at Samer’s house
-We stole their turkey carcass so we could make our 3rd annual turkey soup
-It gets better each year
-We did a lot of cleaning this weekend
-Friday we volunteered at Politics and Prose in wrapping gifts for The Washington Literacy Council
-Organized the front porch and insulated it again
-Last week I had lunch with Jamie
-It was great catching up in person
-Lisa called me, but a little too late
-Gordon convinced me that my next purchase after the 8 Bus mixer is a 24×24 AD/DA converter for the computer
-I am totally sold
-I have a zit on my nose
-It’s beard time
-Been moderately obsessed with
-I am selling my Yashica 6×6 Medium Format camera, if interest – contact me ASAP
-I just found out that Shuggie Otis played on Zappa’s hot rats record
-The casio modulation kiddo is coming over tonight with Gordon
-Yes, i’ve not posted here in a long while
-I’ve been terribly busy, and I apologize
-It’s a double edged sword, isn’t it?

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