friends of the library.

liberation.a few years ago….i was tooling around on the internet….and i came across a band from philly called friends of the library. i thought that was the best band name ever. so i checked out their site….i downloaded some songs….and i remember thinking that i wished they were looking for a drummer…..cause i wanted to be in it.

fast forward to a week ago…..i was tooling around on craigslist….and i saw an ad for a band looking for a drummer. and guess what band it was? right!! so i got all giddy and i sent bill an email telling him that i was really interested. he emailed me back and we set up a date to play…..which was this past tuesday night. i was super excited. for real.

so tuesday finally comes and i’m getting ready to go down. bill lives in an apartment in center city that’s also a studio and a practice space…..equipped with a kit….so i didn’t have to bring mine. i get nervous about these things… my hands were sweating a bit. i get down to the city…..and it took me fifteen minutes to find a parking spot. i found one about four blocks from his place… i book it down the street. i get there and i meet bill and and the other guitarist, geoff. they were both really nice…..and i began to set up. i listened to some of the songs before i came down… i was somewhat familiar with them…..but hearing them live was even better than i thought. there’s more sonic stuff going on than comes through in the recordings.

so we run through a few songs…..all of us digging what was going on…..and another member shows up…..john…..who plays trumpet, keyboards, and glockenspiel. once he sat down….everything really came together. we played song after song. most of the songs are slower tempos…..really delicate and pretty… i just kept switching between brushes and mallets and bundle sticks and regular sticks…..and variations of all of those together. we even worked on a new song bill wrote…..which reminded me of my bloody valentine…..but softer.

we finished and then started packing everything up. we all said how much we dug what just happened…..and yesterday i got an email from bill saying that all of them want me to come back again. so it looks like i’m in the band. and now i’m a friend of the library!

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