the cranberries when summer begins

mat and korinne (she-ra) at the halloween party at hard rock in dc circa 2001....ric_shera (18k image)

Here is My story–>Two years ago, I experimented with marijuana for the first time. I enjoyed the giddy and relaxed feeling it gave me, and continued to use it on a semi-regular basis. I began seeking information on other, more powerful mind-altering substances, and was intrigued with the writings of people who had used these drugs; especially hallucinogens like psilocybe mushrooms and lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD). The more I read, the more I wanted to try a psychedelic drug myself. I researched the various possibilities, and found that of the many substances with hallucinogenic properties, psilocybe mushrooms were one of the safest and “gentlest”. I procured some of these mushrooms and tried them with a friend. The experience was nothing short of amazing. Without going into details, I gained a sense of “oneness” with the Planet and I lost all fear of dying. I have since tripped many times on mushrooms and dextromethorphan (the active ingredient in cough syrup and a powerful psychedelic at high doses). I continue to use cannabis recreationally. Before trying any of these substances, I researched them extremely thoroughly. I made sure I was fully informed on the possible effects (both negative and positive) of any drug I might put into my body. Because of this, I have stayed away from chemicals which I consider “dangerous”…PCP, Heroine, Crack-Cocaine, etc. The drugs I *do* use, I use responsibly. I have never gotten high or tripped when I have other responsibilities. I do not use drugs when I am upset or angry. I have not noticed any mental or physical impairment due to my use of mind-altering chemicals. Because I “grow my own”, the money I spend on drugs is negligible. Indeed, I have yet to notice any significant negative effects of my drug use. I think that it’s important to distinguish between drug users and drug abusers. There are many people who use drugs because they find they offer an easy, quick way to forget about problems or setbacks. These people are almost without exception drug abusers, and drug abusers need help. Using drugs to mask the painful emotions which are inherent to life is dangerous and destructive behavior. If you neglect to address the problem at its source, chances are it won’t get any better. When you come down, you’ve got the same worries, and you’re 10 or 20 bucks lighter to boot. Drug abuse is a vicious cycle, but it can be reversed with careful intervention. Unfortunately, the response to drug abusers (at least in the United States) tends to be to throw them in jail. In 1991, the United States Government spent nearly 25 billion dollars on incarcerating drug users, and about $500 million on rehabilitation programs.
Ythan Burstein

Back in the summer 1996, Irresistable Bliss, the 2nd record by Soul Coughing had just come out. I was beside myself with infatuation and the utter most respect and awe for these four guys from the bowels of NYC. This is all beside the point, for the most part. I remember going to this site that had information on them. It was the “underground” site. But it was still with their respective label “Warner Bros. Records.” – Basically I became friends with the owner of it. Eventually he decided to give up his job with Warner Bros. Records for a career in spreading the word about shrooms and other psychadelics. He eventually started the first do-it-yourself shrooms site. I kid you not. In fact, Ythan tried for weeks to get me to grow them. To this day I am still amused by this but I am still the sucker who still owns the site.

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