that girl, she’s alright

my holidays are going to be GODDAMN HAPPY About Jo:

I don�t really steal a lot of things from Jo. Okay, I do. But it�s flattery: she�s cute and creative and I am very exhausted this morning. Besides, shouldn�t everyone keep a list like this? If you can�t keep a list like this, then you know it�s time to pick up and move.

I Live In DC Metropolitan Area And:

I love how the old suburbs in Arlington are laid out: first alphabetically, then by syllables. So it starts with Ash (or some �A� word with one syllable) and goes up to Arizona Street, the �last� street in the city- begins with A, has four syllables; the only four-syllable street in the city.

I love how they ran out of presidents and states and trees in one neighborhood, and couldn�t think of any three syllable V words for a street; so they used the word �Vacation.�

I love how Black Cat still rocks occasionally

I love how I can go see black soul funk hipsters one night at 930, and the next night I can see emo sad boys wearing thick glasses, and the next night I can see James Taylor.

I love the guy who works at the CD Cellar in Falls Church, how his 60�s mod haircut flips up at his collar. I love how he analyzes your every purchase and sale.

I love how T. sends me e-mails about how I HAVE to come up to Baltimore for New Years, because EVERYONE will be there and it won�t be the same if any one key player is missing.

I love cherry blossoms, even though I never see them when they�re in bloom because I�m too lazy to go.

I love construction at the mixing bowl in Franconia, simply because it�s never been any other way in my whole life, and when I drive there my life flashes before my eyes every time and things become so clear when YOU�RE ABOUT TO DIE.

I love the fall trees, I love the simple 2 hour drive to see the best colors anywhere.

I love being following John Ashcroft around Safeway on cold Saturday nights just to see what brand of OJ he buys (side note, I tried to scream �Keep your hands out of my uterus, John ASS-croft!� but Sig made me refrain. Who�s the bigger loser: J.A. for grocery shopping on a Saturday night, or Elle and Her Man for stalking him?)

I love the Democrats

I love Fugazi

I love �to quote the Baltimore City Paper: �Dashboard Confessional? Three words: Gordon fucking Lightfoot.�� Zander!

Also, I love Teenage Fanclub today.

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