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www.rangzen.com/atlarge/dayoff/images/trippy.jpg --- blah blah.......glare (11k image)I have so much work to do it’s unreal. So unreal I dont know what I will do with myself. Well since I now have people in Ohio or wherever helping me migrate the site to the new PHP platform, it’s going much more smoothly. I really just need to learn PHP a little more. I know it’s not hard. I just need more practice. Sucks I am going on vacation for two weeks on Thursday at 5.30pm. I will get what I can get done and whatever else needs to get done the corporate people will have to finish. Lucky them. Then they will have to deal with Colin. I am quite lucky to have a Marketing Director with so much passion and understanding of the industry. Woo! Bah! Yeah, it’s just the matter of dealing with the politics. But i think i deal well with it. Mainly i just dont deal with it. That whole functionality vs. art is a real bitch. But whatever. It’s only a job.

And I have a meeting with the LSM (Local Sales Manager), Colin and i think a sales person. They want me to make this webpage for the sales person. They were trying to get me to make it with out getting it approved at the weekly promotions meetings. Fuck you bitch ass. I aint doing shit for you. Get it approved and I’ll think about it. Fucking whore. I just don’t like when new people come in and try to let things slip through. That shit doesnt fly with me. Nor is it a good way to introduce yourself. Everyone at the station already hates him as well. Oh well. What can an idiot do? I will only do what they do for me. Or something like that. Luckily Elliot gave me a “Welcome Mat” – It reads simply: Hi, I’m Mat. – That so ruled. And what rules even more is that Elliot stole it from Korinne’s ex-boyfriend. Too funny. I feel the love.

One great thing that also happened today at work was going through the Oldies 100 prize closet. I was drawn to the “Can You Dig It? The 70s Soul Experience 6 Disc Box Set” It’s on RHINO Records so it’s good. Damn, I am in heaven. I love this shit. Feetnik would be so proud. It’s almost as cool as her 70s Box Set…This is a little more concentrated on the 70s Soul, obviously. Nothing better than the Staple Sisters. Yum!

Today’s Yiddish word of the day:
Potchke (PAHTCH-kee):: to mess or play with [She has such nice boobies and he just potchkes around with them.]

Tonight I took the Moms and Dads and Emily to Dave and Busters. After a nice dinner, Emily and myself played some video games! Woo! I am such a little kid when it comes to video games. And we even played the Trucker game. It’s my favorite. Someday I’ll beat it! And when I got home the Moms said, “She’s really smart. I think I like her, and her skin is wonderful!” For a Jewish Mother to say that about a Shiksa after only meeting her a few times is saying a lot. You know it. Two more days until vacation. VAY-KAY-SHUN!

and yes, i really think that heidi should leave her boyfriend…just leave…no questions asked…no one should be treated that way

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