intelligent lady friend there mister, lucky boy

lamp (4k image)number413586702: has entered the room.
aecuyjet: whoa… scott?
aecuyjet: heh. mat and daniel, meet scott.
doittoitdoug: there he is
aecuyjet: scott, this is mat and daniel.
number413586702: hello all
mat: hi, i am zork
thebobgreene: hey, tiger.
doittoitdoug: eh?
aecuyjet: i believe you’ve met mat before.
number413586702: nice to meet you zork
mat: i am mat, from zorkon
aecuyjet: “zork” rhymes with “dork.”
number413586702: mat from d.c.?
doittoitdoug: mat youve met scott
mat: zork rhymes with allison is a pootie head
doittoitdoug: yep
doittoitdoug: oh speaking of pootie head
aecuyjet: “allison is a pootie head” rhymes with “mat’s baby is gonna be UGLY.”
doittoitdoug: i want my nickname to be turd monkey
aecuyjet: heh.
doittoitdoug: i posted about it
mat: mat’s baby is gonna be UGLY rhymes with, i am gonna UGLY you in the head!
doittoitdoug: hehe
aecuyjet: “i am gonna UGLY you in the head” rhymes with “BITE ME, PUNK ASS!”
number413586702: turd monkey doesnt’ seem like a positive nickname

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