well, she said she’s got a big test to study for or something

dude, i thought it was for your daughter, not your girlfriend...but hey- we all cant be perfect!  nellyfurtado (10k image)So i was supposed to go out with Morgan (w/ boy) and Becca and Emily tonight. Morgan had asked for us all to go out for dinner cos we hadn’t seen each other in a long while. First Emily calls a few hours ago saying she cant make dinner but will come for dessert. Fine. It sucks, but she’s still coming. Then I just got an IM from Becca saying Morgan cant make it cos she has a test to study for tomorrow or something. Wonderful. It’s times like these that make me realize why i dont have many friends. They are always there to dissapoint you. It would have been nice to see Becca cos I havent seen her in ages. Like since she went to Peru to see Paula. And her father just had a bone marrow transplant and I want to hear how he is doing. But Becca had already made some other plans with a friend. Whatever. I guess it’s more time for me to work on my own shit. So now I am just sitting here working on shit. Yeah, I am a little peeved. Perhaps I am a bit oversensative right now, cos I am working too hard at work these days with little fun in my life (outside of the fun stuff with Emily). I guess I just expect way too much out of people. As I should. Eh. And perhaps I just miss Becca too. But I just got off the phone with Emily. I am just gonna wait for her to get here and they’ll we’ll catch dinner. I asked Buddy to come too, cos we’ve not hung out in a while (he said today), but he has a hot date. Yes!!

my friend my friend he’s got a knife

[Conversation with Mike @ 2/21/2002 4:41:11 PM]
mat: hey, what’s the deal with nelly furtado tickets?
Mike: sold out
Mike: we dont have anything to do with them
mat: guestlisting for any of us or totally not our gig?
Mike: hot995 probably can do something
Mike: totally not our gig
mat: thanks!
Mike: yup!

Tomorrow Mike is picking me and Emily up at 7.30am to hit the metro to get to Union Station at 8.30am for our train ride to the Ski Resort. Emily and myself so deserve this mini vacation. I just cant wait to take pictures on the long 7-hour train ride and catch up with some reading. Yes! And since my boss didnt file the paperwork for my day off, I am actually getting paid again to go! Ha! Ok, so maybe I’ll hold off looking for another job for a bit.

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  • mat! i admit i haven’t been to yr page in a long time-this design is purrrty. i wub it. i still have a retarded livejournal. you should hit me up sometime.

    oh, and sorry about the drunkdialing. heh heh.

  • when you’re there….i sleep lengthwise. and when you’re gone….i sleep diagonal in my bed.

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