yes, she does have a golden pussy

i want to touch the cow.............fp_child-cow (4k image)This moring we went to the Farmer’s Market down the street in Baltimore. We’ve been trying to go there for weeks now on Saturday mornings. We always are just too lazy. But today, we made it out there. I’ve been to a few others in the past, but just not in a long while. Emily picked up some red and green peppers, that were red and greener than i’ve ever seen. We got some banana/walnut bread. Some mesculin and spinach salad and cucumber. But the kicker was a diary stand. Mind you, i am very lactose intollerant. Be it i CAN actually eat cottage cheese, cream cheese and yogurt. But for some reason around college times I stopped being able to digest normal cheeses and milk. So what stand was made for me at this market? The Lactose-Free Cheese Stand. My fucking god, i am in heaven. So we got some lactose-free honey yogurt and lactose-free smoked mozzerella cheese. Oh my god. I cant wait for next week and in the spring when it’s that much more huge. It’s ungodly. I want to visit their farm and play with their cows. Lactose-free cheese 2004.

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That’s about it. We’re going to Takoma Park now, and perhaps we’ll head out to Annapolis to check out Sputnik to take photos for the flyers for the art show in April to get people to bring their art. I have been thinking of different ways to set up me and Daniel. I think i’ve figured it out. Now we just need a band name. How about Mote. Ideas? Please post them here if interested. I do like one word names for your information.

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