and you bleed to know you’re alive

mat's trip to the library in high school with annie and greg - age 17Soundtrack of the day: Firetrucks on Wisconsin Ave., Boston, Lou Reed, Cake, Tortoise, Rites of Spring, UV Ray, Jane’s Addiction, Poster Children, June of 44, Minor Threat & INXS.

Today I got out of work early. It’s the mega-long Thanksgiving weekend. What a busy week planned for me. Tonight I am going out with the Bex and Karin for Thai and then some bowling. I presume in that order. It will be fun. I love bowling and Karin always says some funny shit. Then tomorrow is Turkey day! Yeah! Friday I am seeing Betsy, who is my old tutor/friend from high school. I’ve not seen her in years. Then friday night is my high school reunion. That should be a blast. High School was such a joke for me, I can only imagine what people turned out to be like. They are all probably internet geeks like I was in 6th grade. Then Saturday I am going to NJ to pick up Monkey Toes and we’ll head to NYC to play with Kristen. I so miss my Kristen. And I know she misses me. It’s been like four weeks since we have had our orange juice on her front porch on sunday morning. I wonder if the orange juice is a metaphor?

Today after I came home and cleaned my nastily dirty room I went to the post office. I need to mail this package for this dude. But upon waiting in line, there was this man in front of me who was getting mega impatient. You know the type. They huff and puff, and sometimes stomp their feet. I feel sorry for these people. They are just going to die of a heart attack at a very unnecessary age. But what can you do. More oxygen for us, right?! Anyways, the post office was a success. I love that place. It’s such and interesting concept: You have a package. They can get it there. I love it!

Have a great Turkey Day, even if you are Jewish!

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