tootsie rolls and sea and cake

jacking the ballPurchased CDs this weekend: Mike Watt’s ball hog or tugboat, Bob Mould’s black sheets of rain, Elvis Costello’s my aim is true, the Sea and Cake’s s/t, Shiner’s starless, Maggie Estep’s no more mister nice girl, The Wallflowers’ bringing down the horse, 20hz’s bass game, and Van Halen’s s/t, 1984, & ou812. Eeek. Love me some credit cards.

This weekend Jessica came down. Friday we went out with Addy to the diner he is obsessed with. Damn is he obsessed with it! We realized there how sickly inhabited our town is with cell phones and trendy-ass-black-bag-wearing-Gucci snobs. Most of them aren’t even legal. The cell phone factor was so excessive I wanted to vomit in all directions. I think I did. I still have a cell phone, but I also still get a little embarrassed when I get a call.

Last night Jessica, Addy and I all went to College Park (u of Maryland-land.) We all went CD shopping down there, and I picked up the said CDs. Jessica picked up a CD of some random Canadian singer who had a nice tummy. It sucked so bad (when we listened to it in the car) she sold it at the second CD store we got to. The shortest lived CD purchase ever. I witnessed it. (2.43 minutes) Addy got some scary Skinny Puppy CD, a dope Bikini Kill record and some other random oddities I can’t remember

Comments on said purchased CDs.
Van Halen=Rock
Mike Watt=Duh!
Bob Mould=I can’t believe this dude is gay. At least it’s not an issue for the music like other lame ass bands/people that *make* it an issue…damn that irks me. (coughmorrifuckingsycough)
Elvis Costello=The real king
the Sea and Cake=I could listen to Jacking the Ball over and over again
shiner=their name is cooler than their sound
Maggie Estep=i hope she didn’t quit her day job
The Wallflowers=haven’t listened yet…but I hear his father did something in the 60s!?
20hz=Miami Booty Bass! Wooo! And I even listened to it in it’s entirety

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