schmaltzy matzoh balls

the pope rocks!Soundtrack of the day: Knoxville Girls, Tortoise’s new one, Television ‘live’, The Stone Roses, Isotope 217, Mecca Bodega, The Nerves, Porno for Pyros’ good god’s urge, and The Clash’s london calling.

I am of the belief that…
…I got two post cards yesterday afternoon
…One from Addy and one from Jessie
Here is the scan from Addy and here is the scan from Jessie
…Addy seemed to have a little more sense of humour than Jessie
…Both are equally cool because the sent me postcards and instantly get raised up a notch on the ‘cool factor’
…Battlefield Earth could have been the worst movie ever
…Unless you like SciFi, a lot
…I think this site needs a redesign
…I wish I had the time to do such a thing
…Those GAP pants that Monkey Toes bought me rock and so does she!
…I got a job at DC101-FM and you didn’t!
…Prince’s song called Pussy Control is not about working the vagina– but you may think that at first glance
…Jesus Jones could kick EMF’s ass anyday
…Karin and I get to see Henry Rollins in March, Yeah!
…I am “working from home” today!

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