ho’ dads

Last night Addy and myself spent 4 hours trying to remix his pseudo – post – punk – neo – no – wave rock band. I added all those adjectives just to piss him off or flatter him. He can pick. The stuff wasn’t too bad, it was just that the drums were really tinny and abrasive. It did work for this particular band. I remember a saying my old audio engineering professor once said. He said “You can’t polish a turd!” This was fact and it still holds true. But you can make stuff sound a little better by remixing it. Running delays and ‘verbs. Sometimes adding a little compression will tighten up the bass to a decent consistant sound. Without music that is recorded well you have nothing. Even stuff from the 50s recorded with 2 mics and maybe even one mic in certain circumstances sound great. It’s just how you record it. Some people think that a 128 track studio equates to something sounding good.

But think about it! When you mic up a drum kit with 3 mics on each drum or cymbal you will have a recording of a drum kit that doesn’t sound like one. Or one that will record differently than your ears hear a drum kit. I guess it’s a “To each his own” but that shit pisses me off. When I hear pop music I want to hear a drum kit, not a pulse on 2 and 4 with some random sounds everywhere. Hearing a drum kit as it’s played verses mic’ed up is a very different thing. Maybe it’s just Janet Jackson and Paula Abdul that seem to have awful drums.

Anyways, I digress. I saw the band as a challenge and it sure will be. We did 5 rough mixes. We’ll see what happens. Maybe I will go down in history as the remixer for bands that don’t know, nor care how to record themselves. Sorta ironic in that they didn’t care how they sounded/nor recorded, but are asking me to fix it now! Ha! People amaze me. Still it’s fun for me none the less.

That picture I used for this post is not Addy’s band however I bet he wishes it was. In fact it’s a party band out of LA or something. Click on the picture for more information on Addy’s wanna be band!

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