salad muncher

thessy thessy, blah blah blah number, i wanna make you miiiiiiiineLast nite Jessica came down as there is an Old 97s show tomorrow. Originally we were going to see the Weezer play, but that fell thru. So last night we rented two movies. The 1st movie we watched was called “Bedazzled.” The only good part seemed to be her breasts and body. Then we watched “What Lies Beneath” …that one wasn’t too bad. I did jump in my seat a few times. However the plot was incredbily predictable for a suspense type film. Oh yeah, and we saw “Betty” at the movie store. (I have to change the name to protect the innocent.) It’s bizzare…cos I hadn’t seen her in a while and she had a new hair cut. I liked it. I liked it much better than the last one. So it’s like each time I see her, her hair style is a new one. Interesting.

And the person at the check out counter of the video store who seems to always check me out did me again last nite. The funny thing is that this person is really fem, but has facial hair like a dude. (S)he wears skrunchies and has long nails. Also wears tight-ass pants. So last nite i see on her(his) name tag “MICHEL” so that is either a form of Michelle or Michael. But it’s really neither. (S)he is such a Pat. It’s Blockbuster for you.

Addy made his first good point the other day on his website. I am not the only person to post on this site. When Jessica posts about going to the hospital it pisses me off when I get 400 IMs asking me if I am ok. Look at the begining of each post. It will clearly tell you who posted/wrote it. You don’t have to be in college to understand that. And don’t ask me if I am ok after someone else posts a message about themself. Don’t be an idiot!

So last night I picked up an other CD. It was Build to Spill’s Perfect from Now On. This was their first major release with Warner Bros. I wasn’t nearly as impressed as their one right after. I really do like this band though. The Halo Benders are also in my heavy rotation these days. And I finally suckered down and bought Dub Narcotic’s Selector. So if you were planning on buying that for me for Christmas, it’s no worry.

Pussy stanky…yes it does.

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