a digest compendium

mat's desk at dc101This weekend could quite possibly have been the most crazy weekend ever. I couldnt have had a bad time. With all the setup and the preperation it couldnt have happened better. Saturday I got up at 7am cos I was pretty anxious! I finally got up and out of bed and checked the email and took a shower. Then i met up with Flounder at the Metro platform. He got on a few stops before me and was going to get off the metro to find me on the platform…so he got off and was so excited to see me, or something, and slipped and fell on his ass in front of a full (go figure for a sat morning) metro train! So i got down there and had to set up the web cam. This was my first setup completely on my own. I actually put up the cam on the main speakers on the stage. So the cam could move from the audience to the stage easily. This is one cool cam. Anyways…after that I got to basically run around where ever i wanted to and take pictures of it. My dream job has appreciated. Taking photos from the stage and getting paid for it of bands all day. I loved it. Highlights included seeing Train and the Go Go’s. After the Go Go’s set they did an interview with one of our DJs. So after it I thanked them for coming and chit chatted with Kathy and Jane. Kathy was especially nice and asked me how my day had been! Very cool….and Jane was wonderful. She’s gotten so much better. And her voice is better than ever. Both speaking and singing of course. Belinda was also wickedly ill and still put on a dope ass show. Mad props to the Go Go’s. Fuck yeah. And two words: LAMANANTS!

Then after the show, I met up with Kristen and Jamie and Rob. We all went to Fuddruckers (Dudfuckers). Then Kristen’s eye was messing with her excessively so we parted ways and I went to 930 Club to see Tortoise. As soon as I got in there this guy came up to me! It was ASHLEY. I went to college with him. Totally random. Very cool and very un-Tennessee. PLUS he likes good music! Wooo! So I have a new concert buddy! We even tried to figure out who each of the Tortoise members were. Just like 13 year olds check out the N’SYNC boyz. Regardless, I cant ever really write about the Tortoise show. It was beyond incredibly. Definately in the Top 5 of my favorite concerts. I just couldn’t ever fathom how they would do half the shit they did on their CDs and seeing it was just so eye opening. Cos most of it was pretty obvious. Prolly very similar to magicians. The dualing drummers and percussion galore was incredible. I didnt get to meet Johnny Machine, but it didnt matter. He made everboy clap a pattern and he had all of 930 Club clapping this poly rhythm. That was cool. I miss good music. I think my new pre-requisites for my friends will be having higher music standards. One being a astute understanding of good music including Tortoise. Anyways…enough of that…go see them. Do yourself a favor and expand.

Then today I came in today to put up all the pictures. And damn striaght I am taking tomorrow off. Comp time to the rescue! I had to sift thru over 300 photos. And then organize them all in to catagories. I finally got most of it all done around 4pm. Then people started coming in. Kranias, and Kardin and Dinger…then the DJs came in…it was sorta like a weekday. So work started to be harder to do…as we were all chatting and just chilling. So I am actually typing this from work right now. And Kranias, who i went to HS with, and who lives two blocks from me, is also still here. We’re having a blast! Still in awe i get paid for this…well i am going to finish up some more stuff here and then head home and will prolly catch a movie. Go Go’s photos coming soon…

Addy: How was the show?
Mat: dope!
Addy: Awesome. Did you get any poon from Johnny Machine?
mat: Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. I wish.
Addy: Hehe…

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