perfect beat

Last nite was such a fun nite. I got home from work a little late from nasty-ass traffic and me having to go to the bank always helps. So i get home and find out that my Father is working late. So whenever he does that, Mom and I go out to dinner. We get to treat outselves. Obviously he’s a workaholic. So since I got hooked up with way too many Chipotle gift certificates at work, we went there. It was my Mother’s first time there. I feel like such the Chipotle pusher. The first time I went there was last year during my last week at Discovery Channel almost a year ago. My friend Ben insisted I go there. So be it. He finally convinced me after 2 months of urging. We went there and I was mezmorized by the arty stuff all over the place. Lots of wood and steel metal. But anyways…I got a chicken fajita. It was huge. Over three fistfulls…So at that time I was having big problems with my tummy, so I thought this would kill me. But it didnt. It was soooooooooooooo good and it wasnt bad for me, so I could eat the whole thing and not feel bloated. Since then I have got way too many people in to that place. But it’s a good place…so the drugs are good.

Then my Father came home around 8pm and came in with a package in his hand. It was from Florida. Who the fuck do I know in Florida?! Oh Shit! It was from Stephen. A few months ago we hung out in NYC and he promised me he’d get me an Afrika Bambaataa CD. And i’d make him some Soul Coughing live CDs. Well the package came then. And he hooked me up with the greatest hits (so to speak) and a remix album. Very cool. And even hooked me up with a Smashing Pumpkins Bside thing. Mad props to the Edge. I think it’s very rock his last name is the Edge.

I am going to Philly tomorrow to see the Rondelles!!! Wooo! So i was planning to leave early to beat traffic. I asked my boss if i could leave early. Here is the email and his reply:

From: Campbell, Colin
Sent: Wednesday, May 09, 2001 3:58 PM
To: Mat – DC
Subject: re: fri?

no way in hell…all you do is sit around and carry crushes on our interns…

—–Original Message—–
From: Mat
Sent: Wednesday, May 09, 2001 3:56 PM
To: Campbell, Colin – DC
Subject: fri?

hey colin

is it cool if i leave a little early on friday as i am going to philly…



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  • That Smashing Pumpkins CD i sent was the internet only release Machina II. Only 10 copies were ever pressed (all on vinyl) and at the request of Mr. Corgan, each person who got a copy had to convert the tracks to (gasp!) mp3 format and put it up on the net. The sound is so-so, but the songs are very good, better so than the first Machina release.

    The Edge

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