dominate love slave

Yesterday was a fun day. In the early morning and in to the afternoon the Pops and me did my taxes. The reason being that Blockshitter(buster) never sent me my W2 and the Store Manager (Idiot) never called corporate like he said he would cos he’s a lazy ass fucker. So I had to file an extension last April. I finally had the time allocated with the Pops to do it yesterday. It wasnt too bad. I even get some money back, which I am actually kinda pissed at. Cos i’d rather have that cash in my pocket all year collecting interest on it. Whatever. But i think there is this tax cut thing too, so i’ll get be getting more than that. Taxes, schmaxes.

Today was Green Day. Well, at least them coming to the studio. I just remember when they broke nationwide in like ’93 I think it was Junior year of high school. Never really liked them all that much. I much more preferred Jane’s Addiction or Smashing Pumpkins or the Verve (when they had the “The” to their name). Whatever, they came to the studio today and it was funny as hell. They are really nice guys and totally did a good job on air. The drummer was nuts, as all drummer are. And the singer dude was really receptive and appreciative and noticing of the clapping from the listeners who got to chill in the studio with us. I noticed this and was kinda happy that he noticed the shit like that. I also saw Karin’s friend Lara’s sister there. She looks just like her older sister. It was uncanny. She’s into the DC Punk Scene at least last we talked. Nice girl. She said she was in a band. Girls in bands rule. When they are good. On the contrary, there are too many bad girl bands. Fucking shit. And speaking of bad, i hate to bring this up again, but Asian Women should not have driver’s licenses. Those fuckers don’t ever look for other cars driving. And yeild to no one. Get them off the road. I should start a coalition. Non Asian- Women To Rid America of bad Asian Women Drivers. Revolution. With all due respect.

So in recording news I mixed a few songs yesterday too. I think they turned out better than before. I added a bass line on DENEB, which are few and far between on this record, and redid the vocoder part on CASTOR. So other than that, now I have to finish mastering it and think about pressing it. Who wants to do artwork? Then I need to contemplate a live BAND. I’ll have Daniel do some of the stuff, but I am wondering if I’d need a third person. I wish people would just perform it for me. And I could just show up, and play theremin or sing with the vocoder and synth every once and a while. Yeah, that would rock… I am soooooo looking forward to my vacation! Come to me July 3rd!

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