miss gradenko

man in a suitcaseI guess there comes a time in your life where you dont even have time to breathe. You are consumed by time and what it does to you. How you react to it and what it make of you. I need to stop time. And step aside. What would I do outside of this time? I haven’t quite figured out what to do. I just still believe that Father Time is the richest man alive. Perry was right.

So I need to plan my vacation. I will find out friday about taking a 5 day weekend during the 4th of July. Maybe the first person to invite me somewhere is where I will go. Should I rest my fate in the hands of fate? Nah. But nothing else seems to fit. Maybe I should just go somewhere. But i’ve ben so consumed with the real world and stuff going on and all that jazz that I am isolated from what is out there. I live in my own little bubble. I am quite happy, but know I need more. I just have to hurdle these few dreams i’ve always needed to conquer. I know I will succeed. I just have stuff to prove to myself.

Tonight I saw Tomb Raider with work and Awapy. It was pretty good. Awapy looked bored most of the night. But I think that is just the way she is when she watches movies. I really liked the movie. Her father wasn’t too keen on it. Angelina’s boobies were really big. There was a killer boobie bouncing scene towards the end. They even slow-mo’d it. I think boobies are pretty funny. They have this nipple and boys are gravatated to want to put their mouths on it. Where does this intrinsic need come from? We’re all suckers. But we all love the boobies, there is no doubt.

I still have to finish mixing MONS III. I am pretty sure it’s done. But i have to be sure. I will wait one more day to let it sit and to clear my sonic palate. Then i’ll re-evalute what I have and if i am happy with it, i’ll finish the artwork and press it up. Last nite I was convinced to form a live band for MONS. I dont really know how he did it. He basically said “it is possible, and you will do it.” Sometimes the simplest of words are best. I always say that no words are best. Sometimes they are. “They” being none. I am really just excited and dumbfounded I have even made three LPs. I think it’s time for bed. I need to catch up on lost sleep. Ideas for a vacation spot? I am thinking the beach. East coast man.

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  • king louis loved my city, so you might as well, come and see.

  • here’s a thought, Mat: Rehoboth? being from there, i can’t be convinced that it doesn’t suck, but it is The Beach, and I think my roommate and I are going down there on the 4th (he’s DJing at a party). lemme know if yr interested 🙂

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